R-Series Expansion


November, 2013 - Copley Controls extends the R-Series with ruggedized versions of Accelnet PLUS and Stepnet PLUS CANopen single-axis modules. The Bantam high-density analog module is also available environmentally hardened.

The R-Series delivers performance you can trust in the harshest environments. Ruggedized to endure temperature extremes, high humidity, vibration and shock, Copley’s proven drive technology finds application in COTS military, nautical, aviation, scientific research, oil refining and vehicle based systems.

Offering both servo & stepper drives in efficient, high power-density module and panel-mount packages, Copley has the solution for your application. DC as well as AC-powered drives are available in the 100W - 6kW power range. PLUS servo drives offer expanded feedback options.

Advanced filtering, gain-scheduling and tuning algorithms combine for the highest level of servo performance. Stepper drives incorporate microstepping and Servo Mode - stepper motors run quietly and can operate at higher speeds.

Copley distributed control software, CMO/CML, makes system commissioning fast and simple. The development of low-level code to control the CANopen network is eliminated. All network management is accomplished with a few simple commands linked into your application program.