Stepnet Plus Modules


Canton, MA, July 9, 2012 — Copley Controls announces the Stepnet Plus family of 1 & 2 axis high power density pcb-mounted modules. Offered in EtherCAT and CANopen versions, Stepnet Plus delivers a breakthough in stepper performance and cost-per-node for multi-axis sytems. Operating from 14-90 VDC, the drives are available in two continuous current ratings (5A, 10A). Dimensions are 77 x 59 x 20 mm and 114 x 73 x 20 mm.

Copley distributed control software makes system commissioning fast and simple. All network management is accomplished with a few simple commands linked into your application program. Distributed clocks enable the tighest synchronization of multi-axis systems. Drive configuration software incorporates comprehensive diagnostics. Advanced filtering, gain-scheduling and tuning algorithms combine for the highest level of servo performance.

Microstepping delivers smooth, low-resonance performance. In Servo Mode, with encoder feedback, stepper motors run quietly and can operate at higher speeds without stalling.

As well as integrating into EtherCAT and CANopen networks, Accelnet Plus can also operate in the following traditional control modes: step/direction; RS-232 ASCII;  ±10V position/velocity/torque; PWM velocity/torque; master encoder for gearing and camming; digital input commands to initiate predetermined motion sequences.

Stepnet Plus is designed for high-speed automation systems in semiconductor fabrication, industrial assembly, materials handling, test and measurement, laboratory automation and high performance general industrial applications.