Stepnet PLUS SP4


August, 2014 — Copley Controls expands the Stepnet PLUS family with a small footprint, highly cost-effective 4-axis module. Each axis operates as a CANopen node. SP4 also incorporates encoder feedback and comprehensive I/O for optimal OEM flexibility.

Stepnet PLUS SP4 is a four-axis board-mounted module for high performance stepper motor control. Advanced FPGA technology enables the SP4 to deliver low cost per axis in an extremely compact package. The SP4 can be integrated in a CANopen network or driven by standard stepper commands.

Servo Mode operation provides smooth, precise motion with low audible noise. High resolution microstepping is also available for the lowest system cost. OEM flexibility is enhanced by comprehensive on-board I/O.

The SP4 operating voltage is 14~55 Vdc. An auxilliary power input is provided for keep-alive functionality. The continuous and peak current rating is three amps per axis.

Copley distributed control software makes system commissioning fast and simple. The development of low-level code to control the CANopen network is eliminated. All network management is accomplished with a few simple commands linked into your application program.

Copley supports two master development environments. Copley Motion Libraries (CML) source code can be compiled with a C++ application program. Copley Motion Objects (CMO) are COM objects that can be used by Visual Basic®, .NET® or any COM-compliant software.

For stand-alone applications, CPL offers a powerful and flexible OEM programming environment. CPL combines the best features of BASIC, C, and Java. It incorporates extensive data types and a rich set of motion functions.